Medicine Woman

Mission Statement:

Improve life through Whole Soul Well Being; which will directly eliminate health and behavioral issues. To work with integrity of spirit for all beings of this Earth.

Secondary Mission Statement:

Grassroots work to bring Hemp Oil benefits and other plant medicine out of the shadows and into the light for every being on this lovely planet.

Here among our pages you will find information about:

  • Awesome CBD Products
  • Mother Earths Apothecary Plant Medicine Remedies
  • Elkwood Studio Designs
  • Online Store containing Handcrafted Art 
  • Native Hand Drums
  • Beadwork
  • Buckskin
  • Intuitive Reader
  • Intuitive Healing Services
  • Wise Woman Program 
  • Blog and anything else I can think of to share with the world.

Alexandria's goal is to educate the everyone about the wonders of the old ways of healing the Body and Soul. This is done by 1000's hours of listening, suggesting and seeing the outcome of what can happen when a person takes their health and well being by the horns. She is constantly working hard to expand products, education and books for those that are ready to move into the future by embracing the knowledge of the old way.

Alexandria's Life as a Bullet Point


    • Military USAF (Crew Chief F-16)
    • Radiology Technologist
    • EMR Consultant
    • Instructor (Healthcare, EMR, Girl Scouts, Self Defense/Security)
    • Handy-Woman
    • Self Employed
    • Shows/Events
    • Public Speaking


    • River Rafting
    • Rock Climbing
    • Backpacking
    • Horseback Riding
    • Swimming
    • Motorcycles


    • Foundation of Shamanic Studies (Shamanic Death & Dying, Soul Retrieval)
    • Apprenticeship with Medicine Woman
    • Astrology
    • Soul Card Readings
    • Reiki Master
    • Shen Practitioner
    • Drum/Rattle Maker
    • Sacred Objects
    • Buckskin